Holiday Letter 2015


Milton and I wish all of our friends and family a joyous and healthy 2016.

Delirium in the Bugaboos

2015 was a remarkable year for us, beginning with the birth of our amazing grandson Grayson William Slepkow in February!  He is a delight and it’s so fun to see him grow.  Teething is his primary activity right now but he will no doubt be a raving Patriots fan very soon!

We had a spectacular week of heli-skiing in the Bugaboos with our Steamboat friends Bill and Joanne, who have caught the bug and are joining us again this year, along with Milton’s son Josh.

In May, Milton’s oldest son Matt married his sweetheart Sue Kelly on Paradise Island, Bahamas, where Milton proudly and eloquently officiated.  It was a wonderful week enjoying extended family at the Atlantis resort.

Peterhof Palace in St Petersburg, ready to move in

2015 was a big travel year for us, and while we missed our spectacular Colorado mountain summer we adventured with friends in Mongolia and Russia, where Shellie got to brush off her high school Russian.  We marveled at modern Moscow, with pedestrian malls featuring Gucci, Prada, Fendi and more–and the old GUM state store is now quite the upscale shopping experience!  But the Palaces in St. Petersburg.  OMG.  Virtually destroyed in WWII but beautifully reconstructed in minute detail and ready for us to move right in.  Happily, we can also report that the Hermitage has been upgraded considerably.  Masterpieces no longer under fluorescent lighting next to open windows.

In the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Naturally we had to get a cycling trip in, and most of the 5 weeks we were home in Colorado were spent training for 20 days of cycle touring with Ciclismo Classico in southern Italy and Croatia.  We each logged 640 miles with elevation gain of 55,000 feet–and gained weight. Yes it is possible, you just have to be superb hedonists on the days off.  The pristine waters of the Croatian coast were glorious and we were particularly charmed by the medieval town of Rovinj.  Of course we had to hit Venice before returning home, and we kayaked in the canals–an unforgettable experience in so many ways!

Al’s recent work

In the fall we took Shellie’s dad Al to visit his winter home in Arizona where he enjoyed reconnecting with his pool buddies.  Back in Colorado, Al is experimenting with a new style in watercolor painting, and producing some truly great work that we are shipping to his gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania.  At 87 his painting is keeping him active and thankfully, he’s healthy as ever.

We also spent a week in New York enjoying theatre with our friends Trish and Steve, and Jayn and Jerry, hosted by Lake Dillon Theatre Company. HUGE rave reviews for Hamilton,  brilliant in every way.  From New York we descended upon Josh and Oni where we got precious time with our baby grandson and Shellie experienced her first NFL football game and gourmet tailgate party, compliments of Josh and Milton.  Now I get it!

Milton and Gray

Our adventures and active hobbies are keeping us busy and healthy as we thoroughly enjoy retirement!  We wish for all of our friends and family a holiday season of peace and joy with much health and happiness in the coming year.

Shellie and Milton