Well yes…with a 35 year career in the technology supply side of the cable television  industry I proudly proclaim myself Cabletrash!!

It was a wonderful ride (with ups and downs along the way), and since retiring in June of 2011 I am still keeping up with my Cabletrash friends on ski weekends, FB, vacations, book club meetings ( and cable conferences/events in my favorite cities and venues.  I’m also very focused on work as a board member of the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center (, which is an extraordinarily rewarding endeavor.sr6

Otherwise, my husband Milton and I have taken on extensive responsibility as mogul makers in the winter, throughout Summit and Eagle counties.  In the summer we humble ourselves with golf and stay in shape on our road and mountain bikes.  Milton also works on volunteer teams maintaining the area’s mountain biking trails, and I occasionally sneak out for fly fishing with my fishing buddies.

Spring and Fall are for travel–we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our multiple bicycle tours of Italy (we highly recommend and while Italy keeps calling us back we are also planning to expand the experience throughout Europe and beyond.

Retirement is a beautiful gift, and we honestly can’t figure out how we ever had the time to work!

Don’t think in terms of retiring from something, you need to retire to something”

Milton Slepkow